Heating Mantle with Digital Display and Stirrer

Heating mantle featuring a digital feedback and PT100 probe for complete control. Has built in magnetic stirrer to add automation to your lab. Excellent for continuous distillation.

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Take your lab to the next level with this heating mantle with magnetic stirrer function.

Featuring a digital display and a PT100 temperature probe, this is for serious applications and creating high quality results.

The jacket of aluminum silicate cotton laced with a nichrome wire heating element heats flasks evenly. Ideal for continuous distillations.

The .01kw motor is both silent and efficient, adding both gentle and vigorous stirring functions, adjusted with a dial on the front of the stirrer.

The nichrome element wire gives the heating mantle plenty of power for all manner of applications. If this proves to be too much, the adjustment knob on the front can bring down the heat to levels suitable to your application.

Replaces stirring rods manually in many applications and provides consistency when you need it the most. Simply add the included PTFE coated stirring pill and set the mixing to the rate you require.

Magnetic stirring allows you to spend the time doing what you need to be doing, and can ensure the even combination of chemicals, maximize use of solvent, and substrates and grants consistent, predictable results.

Magnetic stirrer function capable of reaching speeds of up to 1600rpm for 1000mL (assuming the viscosity of water)

Smooth and attractive design gives your lab a professional look. Enamel paint is easy to clean and heat resistant.

Stirring pill coated in PTFE making it stable and non-reactive for most applications.

Required the PT100 temperature inserted into your vessel in order to accurately

Results may vary depending on vessel used and reaction taking place. Correct PPE is highly recommended and adult supervision for children is highly advised while using this equipment.

Lab Heating Mantle Comes With:

-Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer combo
-Features a digital display for feedback and temperature setpoint.
-PT100 thermocouple temperature probe
-Rod to hold
-Cream colored enamel paint with Green accent
-230v IEC Power lead with 3 PIN NZ/AU plug.
-Nichrome element wire
PTFE Magnetic Stirrer Pill included
-1 replacement fuse, just in case.

We recommend a clamp or stand setup for any attachments or to help stabilize your glassware and prevent any spillage.

Please check stirring pill for iron filing contamination prior to each use. We recommend a neodymium magnet to remove any and all filings the pill may collect from benchtops, and workspaces.

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