Petri Dish (Glass)

Petri dish with included lid made of borosilicate glass.

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A Petri dish is a round dish which is shallow in nature with a transparent lid that is used for a variety of purposes in the lab.

These dishes are made of borosilicate glass making them reusable and incredible versatile. Sterilization by heat means you can have peace of mind against contamination.

Perhaps the most common use is to hold a growth medium, such as agar, in which cells can be cultured. Most often among these are fungi, mosses and most famously, bacteria.

Named after their inventor Julius Richard Petri – a German biologist, no biologists’ lab would be complete without them.

Glass Petri Dish Specifications:

– Made of borosilicate glass
– Available in a range of sizes
– Glass Petri Culture Dish

We also carry plastic Petri dishes.

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