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LabGeek is a family owned and operated Business based in Canterbury, New Zealand. All our products are locally stocked, no dodgy drop-shipping here.

Whether you are homeschooling and setting up a little lab for your little ones, or achieving superior flavours as a homebrewer, or starting your small business with big dreams – we’ve got you covered. Rest assured our equipment is cross compatible and locally carried so you can accomplish your goals, whatever they may be, without any lengthy wait.

Established in 2018, our family was frustrated with the rise of suppliers partaking in drop-shipping, so we sought to be different. Our supply chain focuses on quality, while our purchasing power keeps prices down for you.

LabGeek exists to help you accomplish your science goals.

Why LabGeek?

We are a New Zealand family owned and operated small business. We love to deal with you directly and help you achieve your ideal end results. We’re approachable and always at your fingertips.

To achieve the result you desire, it is critical you have the correct equipment of high quality. Most importantly you need a reliable source of this equipment, that isn’t waiting on long shipping times from overseas. We’ve got you covered.

Being a small business we are constantly reinvesting into our product range. Our goal is to become the premier, personal supplier for you on your way to the top.

We can also offer wholesale discounts for schools, larger labs, bulk buyers and professionals. Not to mention have custom glass made up to suit your requirements. We’re here to help.

So check out our catalog, or contact us and let’s get your lab going.

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